Hi, my name's Jeremy - I'm a cinematographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY, but originally born and raised in Charleston, SC. I'm a camera nerd and obsessive tinkerer, I attempt to play the piano, I love whipping up a good cocktail, and I just can't turn down a nice cold glass of sweet tea. 

Ever since I was 9 years old, I've wanted to be a filmmaker. Seriously. Somehow over 20 years later I still love it. It has to do with the fact that I believe telling stories is in our DNA. We've been telling and retelling stories for thousands of years over thousands of generations in order to remember and to forget, to know and be known, to dream and to be moved. Filmmaking is the ultimate opportunity for story - a chance to use image and sound to capture the imagination.

That opportunity is the reason I care so much about crafting compelling visuals. Each shot is a window. A chance to see something differently; a change in perspective. A challenge to look up and gaze deeper into the things we so often fail to notice. Each project presents an opportunity to observe and listen, to think outside the box, push the boundaries, and craft something truly unique. If something I shoot can, for a moment, allow someone to have an experience - to feel something new - then it's all worth it. 

Let's tell good stories together.